T-T Pumps supplies essential components for Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme

As one of the largest flood protection schemes undertaken in the UK, Arbroath’s £12 million project needed professional and efficient supply of essential components. T-T Pumps won the tender based on our expertise, supply efficiency and our understanding of the valve technology the contractor would install.

The effects of climate change have been impacting the UK for several years. Last year, the government published its plans to tackle one particular consequence of the dramatic weather events the UK now suffers – flood defences.

Part of the overall strategic plan an investment of £5.2 billion will create around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences to better protect 336,000 properties in England by 2027.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

“The devastating impacts of last winter’s flooding were an important reminder of the need to continue to invest and accelerate action to reduce the impact of flooding on our communities. Working closely with the Environment Agency, local authorities, business and the third sector we will create a better protected and prepared nation.”

One of the largest flood defence projects is Arbroath’s £12 million flood protection scheme. The original flood defence from the Brothock Water will see the new defences protect more than 500 people and their homes from flood risk. The scheme is being delivered by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) and Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme. Currently, the area sustains on average £840,000 of flood damage each year.

Angus communities’ convener, Councillor Mark Salmond says:

“I am delighted that we can confirm the award of the contract to Morrison Construction. This provides some good news and certainty around the Arbroath Flood Scheme – a project that will undoubtedly have really positive outcomes for a large number of the town’s residents.” 

Professional service

One of the Brothock Water’s essential components is ensuring that water overflow can be efficiently and safely managed. T-T Pumps won the tender from the principal contractor who contacted T-T Pumps to supply the hinged valves they need to complete the Angus Council project.

“One of the important factors was that the Double Hinged Flap Valve was a stock item, we could supply off the shelf,” explained Peter Hindley, Director, T-T Pumps. “The outpour specialists that Morrison Construction used contacted us to supply the 62 valves they needed. It was clear they needed a fast and efficient supply service as they were working at speed and, of course, to a deadline. Our ability to supply the hinged valves they needed was clearly critical to the order.”

The supply of technologies like the Double Hinged Flap Valve has changed with increases in flood defence projects. T-T Pumps has always been able to react to these changes in the market need. With a diverse array of products ready to ship, project co-ordinators have come to rely on T-T Pumps for flawless supply they can count upon.

Managing Director, Bob Nash explains why T-T Pumps is a consistent market leader and an essential partner for contractors:

“T-T Pumps can offer a complete service including installation when a client needs this, but often we are contacted as a supply only service. We have long been able to meet whatever needs our client comes to us to fulfil. In the case of the Arbroath project, the contractor already had the installation skills they needed.”

Bob concluded:

“At T-T Pumps, we are also seeing an increase in the sales we make to flood defence projects. We have seen over the last five years as more flood defence project has been authorised, the supply of products like our Double Hinge Flap Valves, has clearly increased. Contractors understand that they need to purchase technology that is not just fit for purpose, but that also has longevity, as many of the flood defense projects’ we have supplied will need to deliver their protection for decades.”

Any business that needs efficient support for their project can count on T-T Pumps to deliver. The Arbroath Flood Protection Scheme is an excellent example of how world-class service coupled with robust product design is recognised by contractors again-and-again.

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