Porcelain performs inside and out

Jamie Gledhill of Brett Landscaping looks at how porcelain paving can deliver on aesthetics and function in both domestic and public realm settings in the context of Covid When creating community or shared spaces, architects are balancing a raft of... View Article

Need a full solar roof system… Marley have got you covered!

Marley’s pitched roof system, incorporating integrated solar panels, is a practical solution to the quality, time and sustainability challenges faced by specifiers.  The full roof system offer means all roofing components can be sourced from one dedicated manufacturer and specifiers... View Article

Jackon’s ICF solutions for the UK market

New construction systems from JACKON are revolutionising the UK construction market. The company has over 60 years’ experience in EPS and XPS manufacturing. There are two separate products – JACKODUR ATLAS Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation and formwork system for constructing... View Article

The visible future

Conversions from office to residential under Permitted Development Rights are becoming more commonplace as we move to widespread home working. Structura UK’s Manny Patel looks at the implications for facades Life has changed radically under Covid-19. The epidemic is changing... View Article

Multi-functional glass

The conversation around fire safety glass tends to focus on fire protection alone. However as Andy Lake of Pyroguard explains, when specified correctly, this glass can be combined with other products to create a multi-functional system that offers so much... View Article

Adding space, made easy

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Ann Boardman of Saniflo highlights how, despite the uncertainty of the past few months, homeowners have carried on investing in upgrading their properties, and drainage connections are key to how their spaces can be reconfigured or added... View Article

Reinforcing the message

William McDowell of Hambleside Danelaw puts the case for why GRP rooflights in metal roofing systems can help solve the many problems such as light levels that face architects when designing industrial buildings Think rooflights and you might think of... View Article

Sliding versus bifold

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Edward Stobart of ID Systems looks at how recent trends in residential glazing are affecting the sliding versus bifold doors debate For the past two decades, the trends in home design and customer demand have seen significant... View Article

Pendock rebrands product ranges for easy specification

Leading decorative casing and enclosure specialist, Pendock, has introduced a new product branding structure, which groups key products together in six individual ranges to simplify specification and improve access to online product and technical information.  In line with the new... View Article

Ventilation sales sky-rocket to serve digital demand

The surge in digital demand as a result of COVID is seeing a corresponding acceleration in specialised ventilation from Gilberts Blackpool. Britain’s leading manufacturer of commercial ventilation supply options is reporting growing interest at home and abroad in its internal... View Article

VMZINC in the Housing and Residential Sector

Since the 19th century VMZINC has been used to roof and clad a wide range of residential buildings from small to large developments and for both new build and retrofit. The extensive array of roof and wall systems combined with... View Article

Monks Bridge Estate

Chris Dunn is estate manager at Monks Bridge, a former vicarage in rural Warwickshire. He’s been responsible for the redesign and running of the property’s Victorian grounds since 2015, transforming them from a dilapidated state into stunning gardens that blend... View Article